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Day 349. WSJ Bird

14 Dec


Today’s Bird-A-Day art was inspired by an old copy of the Wall Street Journal. Last year, I had a daily subscription and used it to keep up with the world of finance and investments. Taking a page out of the Journal, I clipped out my bird with a pair of scissors. The image, abstracted by the cut shape, now makes me curious about the story behind it. Ironically – I failed to read the story before throwing the paper away. So it will remain a mystery. Enjoy.

Day 172. Stock Market Bird

18 Jun


Every day, the latest headlines from Europe, wildly swings our U.S stock market. This weekend, the latest news from Greece is both good and not so good. Like every story, it’s all a matter of interpretation by the brilliant talking heads on TV. The same experts who have yet to get much of anything right. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by all the colorful drama played out – one stock symbol at a time. Buy DDD.That’s my latest pick.

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