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Day 352. Wood Chip Bird

17 Dec


Recently, an artist friend of mine, who follows this art blog, came across a very unique wood chip. When she saw it, she thought it might inspire me and so she gave it to me. Well, yes Robin, it did inspire me. This wood chip looks like it could break into song at any moment. And so I felt compelled to create a worthy image to go with this little treasure of nature. Thank you Robin. Enjoy.

Day 280. Color Theory Bird

6 Oct

Today was an experiment with a color theory. This particular theory says that saturated colors are brighter and more vivid, when next to muted, neutral colors. So I used my watercolors and painted with warm, pure hues next to a dark gray background. The theory works. As today’s Bird-A-Day art is brighter because of the surrounding neutral color background. Enjoy.

Day 242. Stone Tile Bird

31 Aug

Always in search for a new canvas, today I have found a beautiful, stone tile. It was a sample tile left over from a home project. This particular tile was never used in the house, but it made a really wonderful surface for today’s Bird-A-Day art. I painted with watercolors, building a glaze, while leaving the natural stone to form the bird. This could become a fun series of stone birds sitting next to each other on the wall. Enjoy.

Day 236. Kitchen Counter Bird

25 Aug


Still celebrating our beautiful new kitchen counter top, I thought it would make a perfect setting for a fly over. After the installation, it was obvious to me that this new counter will become a favorite backdrop. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art, created from playing with watercolors, enjoys a smooth glide across this glistening new surface. Enjoy.

Day 217. Olympic Rings Bird

2 Aug

Watching the Summer Olympics from London last night, I found myself jumping and shouting when the U.S. women’s swim team won the gold in the 200 meter relay. Wow! The way the anchor swimmer scorched that last 200 meters was so exciting. Immediately afterwards, I felt compelled to create an Olympic inspired bird. Grabbing a bottle cap and my watercolor paints, I had fun painting this little guy. Enjoy.

Day 204. Crepe Myrtle Bird

20 Jul



Today’s Bird-A-Day art started off as just a big splatter of watercolor paints. Then after some layering and experimenting a bird shape started coming together. I decided this splatter of paints would work better if I did a little pen and ink drawing for the head and some feathers. And lastly, a twig from our yards Crepe Myrtle tree gives this little fella a resting spot. I really enjoy mixing media along with real objects. Enjoy.


Day 118. Watercolor Paints Bird

26 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day art a good excuse to play with watercolor paints. A favorite children’s book illustrator of mine is Eric Carle. I love the way he cuts painted paper into animals shapes. His best-selling book, “Very Hungry Caterpillar” was created with his colorful cut papers. While this is certainly no Eric Carle, is was a lot fun to make. Enjoy.

Day 95. Twombly Bird

3 Apr


Today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by one of my favorite artists, Cy Twombly. His work is a favorite of mine because he blurred the line between drawing and painting. Drawing for me has always come as natural as breathing, while painting – has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted. So just to be clear, this is not a painting. Today’s Bird Art is just one of my latest drawings. Enjoy.

Day 50. Manila Envelope Bird

19 Feb


This weekend I was trying to get better organized. With all the bird art, things are starting to stack up around here. It’s always good to be better organized. And so today’s Bird-A-Day art is inspired by one of the simplest means of filing things away. Whenever in doubt, I just stick it in a manilla folder. Inside this manilla folder – are watercolor painted birds, sitting on the scored folds. Which just goes to show that even plain old manilla can still be creative. Enjoy.

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