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Day 265. Bleach Bird

23 Sep

Today I traded in my oil paints for bleach. Taking a paint brush and a small cup of bleach from the laundry room, I started painting on this scrap wood. As I slowly applied the paint with my small brush, the color of the wood shifted whiter and whiter. It gave me a nice subtle glaze look while keeping the watery like grain of the wood. Enjoy.

Day 240. Particle Wood Bird

29 Aug



The inspiration for today’s Bird-A-Day art hit me during a meeting at work yesterday. Looking for a piece of wood, I came across this stained particle wood. It was just perfect for a bird conference. And so taking some black acrylic paint, I added this small flock of birds meeting along one wood wire. Enjoy.

Day 222. Scrap Wood Bird

7 Aug


After ripping out our kitchen counter recently, there was some scrap wood lying around. This scrap wood hung around long enough to get my attention. Something about the colors and texture of this wood reminded me of how the earth looks from high above, while looking outside the window of an airplane. This wood was just begging for some birds to fly across. Enjoy.

Day 141. Distressed Wood Bird

18 May


A lucky find in the garage. I found this old piece of distressed wood that inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. At first I wasn’t sure what kind of bird would be at home on this old piece of wood. But then it was obvious that it had to be a bird from the country. My salute to early wake up calls. Enjoy.

5. Chip off the old block bird

5 Jan


Today is day 5 of my 365 day art project. That’s 360 more days ahead for my fellow artist who also find themselves math challenged like myself. I created today’s art using trimmings off a small tree in my backyard. So now my tree is looking better and I have this fun bird art to show for my yard work. This was a lot of fun and sort of like working a puzzle.

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