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Day 171. Tree Bark Bird

17 Jun


Two giant Crepe Myrtle trees along our driveway are in the process of shedding their bark. While admiring their new blooms, I couldn’t help but also notice the interesting strips of bark that had fallen on the ground. A few strips in particular which inspired today’s Bird-A-Day art. Enjoy.

Day 155. Mixed Media Canvas Bird

1 Jun


Mixing it up again. Today’s Bird-A-Day art is a small, 8 x 10 size canvas caked in plaster and tons of paint. So much stuff on this canvas that the only kind of bird capable of breaking through it would be a woodpecker. Ironically, the surface ended up looking as though a woodpecker has taken his time searching for snacks. That is a happy accident that makes me smile. Enjoy.

Day 139. Mulch Woodpecker Bird

16 May


Our backyard needed more mulch, so we decided to add a splash of color and go with the red mulch. We’re artists we can do such things. It’s almost expected. Afterwards, we’re not so sure about it. Especially, since our lab Maddie decided she really likes the new red mulch. Now why do dogs think they can eat anything? Who knew that red mulch looked like Purina or that it would end up as performance art on our studio floor. Thanks Maddie. But, hey at least the new mulch was perfect for creating today’s Bird-A-Day art.

Day 51. Wood and Steel Bird

20 Feb


Its Monday. My little blog project past the big 50 mark over the weekend. And today, our inspiration for our 51st Bird-A-Day art is one on the endangered Species list. This guy is one of the largest species of Woodpecker. And I discovered they are known to mate for life. The Ivory Billed Woodpecker, is not only on that list but many scientist believe may already be extinct – due to loss of habitat.

2. Woody Woodpecker

2 Jan


Today was a holiday break, so I had some time to pull out the power tools and mess around. Today’s bird is inspired by a regular visitor to our pecan tree in the back yard.

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